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Hangover-Free Refreshments

Hangover-Free Refreshments
July 5, 2022

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Summertime always sends my YouTube and Hulu ads into a booze-fueled dreamscape, with scenes of beautiful people enjoying craft cocktails, carb-free beers, and tequila that gives you rhythm. My summer plans involve a lot of pregnant friends and “California sober” folks, who love a cool icy beverage, sans the alcohol. Today we’re highlighting the top companies in booze-free libations.

🍺 Athletic Brewing makes NA (ie, non-alcoholic) beers for beer lovers. Think canned delights of tropical flavors over hoppy notes, giving you something to slip into a koozie that isn’t boring old seltzer (but they have those too). The Stratford, CT B Corp has been on a tear, raising a $50MM Round C last year. 

🍓🍋Poppi brings probiotics to the party with fresh juice and prebiotic apple cider vinegar beverages. Run by a husband and wife team that started in a Dallas farmers market, the company now ships through Amazon.

🚰🚰🚰Liquid Death brings new meaning to “pick your poison.” It’s just water in a tall, Modelo-looking can. Check out the company's marketing site for clues as to how it reached a $525MM valuation. It pays to play.

🌼🌿🌺🌿 Cann is for California sober folks. Backed by the all-things-alternative ambassador, Gwenyth Paltrow (check out Goop), this company urges us to “give up the booze, not the buzz.” The Santa Monica-based company reached a $100MM valuation in February with the help of some A-List angels.

🍸🍹🥂🥃🍷 Ritual Zero Proof provides the 0% alcohol alternatives to your classic margarita. The company offers tequila, rum, whiskey, and gin alternatives for the die-hard mocktail crowd.

For more NA options, check out the ‘non-alcoholic beverage’ keyword on PrivCo.

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Funding & Deal Highlights:


Matter Health raises $35MM from Jordan Park 

Healthcare • Round A • Nashville, TN

Mona raises $14.6MM from Protocol

3D • Round A • Ocala, FL

April raises $30MM from Treasury 

API • Round A • New York, NY 

Collage Group raises $25MM from Wavecrest

Branding • Equity • Bethesda, MD

Faeth raises $47MM from S2G

Therapeutics • Round A • Oakland, CA

Liongard raises $10MM from Updata

Automation • Equity • Houston, TX

Zilch raises $50MM from undisclosed investors

Fintech • Round C • Warwick Ward, United Kingdom

Fleetzero raises $15.5MM from Breakthrough

Batteries • Equity • Birmingham, AL 

Shubham raises $112MM from British International

Credit • Equity • Gurgaon, India

Homelister raises $10MM from M13

SaaS • Round A • Santa Monica, CA 

Fortis Solutions Group acquires Anchor Printing

Paper • Acquisition • Novi, MI

Texas Regional Bank acquires AccessBank

Banking • Acquisition • Denton, TX 

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