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Advancing generative AI exploration safely and securely

Advancing generative AI exploration safely and securely
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October 5, 2023

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Health Data Analytics Institute, a firm that develops artificial intelligence-based platforms intended to empower clinicians, optimizing care pathways, and improving patient outcomes, raises $31MM Series C from Invus.

Big Data • Dedham, MA • Post-Money Valuation


Kafene, a platform developer intended as a one-stop-shop point-of-sale payment partner and underwriting technology, raises $12.6MM Series B from Third Prime Capital.

Fintech • New York, NY • Post-Money Valuation


Piccolo Medical, a medical device company that develops catheter navigation technology, providing next-generation guidance for PICC and CVC placement, raises $5.5MM Series B from Event Capital Strategies.

Medical Devices • San Francisco, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Bonsai Robotics, a firm that offers computer vision-based automation solutions, raises $13.5MM Seed from Acre Venture Partners.

Computer Vision • San Jose, CA • Post-Money Valuation


AskFora, a developer of an app designed to connect contractors and managers, creating a personal talent marketplace to facilitate better work by leveraging connections and introductions within the gig economy, raises $1.5MM Equity Funding from Firsthand Alliance.

Apps • Norwich, VT • Post-Money Valuation


Perenna, a company that develops an innovative digital mortgage bank, raises $52MM Equity Funding from Ledstripe.

Finance • London, United Kingdom


Jetson, a company that manufactures personal electric flight, raises $15MM Seed from

Aviation • Palo Alto, CA • Post-Money Valuation


PerfectScale, a company that developed configuration management software, raises $7.1MM Seed from Blumberg Capital.

Productivity • Raleigh, NC • Post-Money Valuation


Iambic Therapeutics, an AI-driven technology company which combines machine learning and automated chemistry, raises $100MM Series B from Ascenta Capital.

Biotechnology • San Diego, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Akura Medical, a company that provides a medical device focusing on providing effective and easy-to-use clot removal, raises $35MM Series B from The Capital Partnership.

Medical Devices • Campbell, CA • Post-Money Valuation 



Cyberlux Corp acquires Datron World, a company that manufactures and supplies tactical military and public safety radio equipment.

Parts • Vista, CA • Deal


Air Water America acquires Agp, a supplier of helium and industrial gases.

Gases • Everett, MA • Deal


Trane Technologies to acquire Nuvolo Technologies, a connected workplace platform.

Cloud • Paramus, NJ • Deal


LOCH Technologies acquires Avirtek, a company that offers an autonomic cyber security (ACS) technology.

Cyber Security • Tucson, AZ • Deal

ICAPE Group acquires Nujay Technologies, a provider of printed circuit boards.

Printed Circuit • Lake Forest, CA • Deal


Aegion acquires 11 Enviro Group, a company that specializes in the cleaning and video inspection of new and existing sewer lines.

Environmental • Centennial, CO • Deal


Memry to acquire Resonetics, a company engaged in laser processing, centerless grinding, nitinol processing, thin-wall stainless steel and precious metal tubing.

Health Care • Nashua, NH • Deal


Full Glass Wine acquires Wine Insiders, a direct-to-consumer wine provider that offers a diverse range of wines to customers.

Winery • Los Angeles, CA • Deal


Beacon acquires Garvin Construction Products, a provider of waterproofing and restoration products in the construction industry.

Construction Materials • Medford, MA • Deal


MSCI acquires The Burgiss Group, a provider of global investment decision support tools.

Analytics • Hoboken, NJ • Deal

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