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Behind AngelList’s $4.1BN Valuation

Behind AngelList’s $4.1BN Valuation
March 9, 2022

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If you’re in the startup world, you’ve almost certainly heard of AngelList. The company looks, at first glance, like a minimalist version of LinkedIn. But there’s more to it. The website will connect you to startup jobs, help your company hire talent, and lead you to investment opportunities in promising young startups. The company exemplifies the product experimentation that is the ideal in Silicon Valley, This latest funding round shows that AngelList is a winning model–and difficult to replicate.

                                                                            Via AngelList

Founded in 2010, the company began simply as a list of angel investors making multiple $25K deals. AngelList quickly became a well-liked resource for dealmakers. As was the trend back in the early 2010s, AngelList added a social component with investor and founder profiles and made it easy for both to match and mingle. Think OkCupid for angels. Soon thereafter, the company applied a similar equation to matching investors with qualified candidates to work at recently funded startups.

The company owes much of its impact to its active involvement in legislation, including Title II and III of the Jobs Act. The marketplace for start-ups has also had success with spinoff businesses, like Republic (a crowdfunding platform) and the acquisition of Product Hunt in a $20MM deal that added product discovery on top of job/investor/employee discovery. Likewise, in a self-aware but bold move, founder Naval Ravikant stepped back from his role as CEO in 2017, deciding to focus instead on his “zone of genius” in investments and idea creation.

For a deeper dive into AngelList’s zone of genius, check out this article from The Generalist or Twitter thread from author Mario Gabriele.

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Funding & Deal Highlights:

Axonius raises $200MM from Accel Partners

Cyber Security • Round E • New York, NY

Hopscotch raises $10MM from Stellation Capital

Fintech • Equity • New York, NY

Findem raises $30MM from Four River Partners

AI Recruiting • Round B • Redwood City, CA

Forma raises $40MM from Ribbit Capital

Employee Benefits • Round B • San Francisco, CA

Lightforge Games raises $15MM from Bitkraft Esports Ventures

Games • Round A • Raleigh, NC

Serve Robotics raises $10MM from Chipmaking

Robotics • Equity • Redwood City, CA

Selfbook raises $15MM from Tiger Global Management

Booking • Round A • New York, NY

RegAlytics raises $25MM from First Rate Ventures

Compliance • Seed • New York, NY

Stax raises $245MM from Greater Sum Ventures

Fintech • Equity • Orlando, FL

Alfred raises $50MM from Rialto Capital Management

PropTech • Equity • New York, NY

AngelList raises $100MM from Tiger Global Management

Discovery • Round C • San Francisco, CA

Blue Wolf Performance Solutions acquires Aqua Drill International

Industrial Cleaning • Acquisition • Dickinson, TX

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