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Is generative AI reaching its peak?

Is generative AI reaching its peak?
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December 21, 2023

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Featureform, a company that provides a clean and configurable workflow for ML teams, and enables ML resources to be leveraged across organizations, raises $5.5MM Seed from GreatPoint Ventures.

Workflow Management • San Francisco, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Zuper, a company that provides an intelligent workforce and customer management platform, raises $32MM Series B from Prime Ventures.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) • Sammamish, WA • Post-Money Valuation


Delphina, a company that helps data science teams drive business impact faster by automating painstaking, routing work, raises $7.5MM Seed from Costanoa Ventures.

Generative AI • San Francisco, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Rypplzz, a company that develops a geospatial mapping technology that connects the digital-physical world, raises $3MM Seed from KB Partners.

Geospatial • Los Angeles, CA • Post-Money Valuation


SupportPay, a company that develops an automated child support payment platform for parents living apart, raises $3.1MM Seed from HearstLabs.

Fintech • Sacramento, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Stairs Financial, a company that develops a financial platform to guide real estate buyers, raises $3.5MM Seed from Zigg Capital.

Fintech • New York, NY • Post-Money Valuation


Redactable, a company that develops application for automating document redaction processes, raises $5.5MM Seed from Gradient Ventures.

Document Preparation • New York, NY • Post-Money Valuation


Tome Biosciencesi, a fintech firm that offers innovative financial products to online sellers, raises $118MM Series B from Andreessen Horowitz.

Biotechnology • Watertown, MA • Post-Money Valuation


NodeKit, a company that focuses on decentralized shared sequencers, offering roll-up solutions to facilitate transactions across blockchains, catering primarily to gaming and DeFi applications, raises $1.2MM Pre-Seed from Borderless Capital.

Blockchain • Iowa City, IA • Post-Money Valuation


Inductive Bio, a firm that develops a machine learning platform designed to accelerate the compound optimization process, raises $4.3MM Seed from Lux Capital.

Machine Learning • San Francisco, CA • Post-Money Valuation



Datalogz, a developer of a data discovery and understanding platform, aiming to eliminate data confusion from various sources, providing visibility into business intelligence environments for improved insights and operations, raises $5MM Series A from GreatPoint Ventures.

Artificial Intelligence • Long Island City, NY • Post-Money Valuation


Amide Technologies, a biotech firm that offers complex peptide manufacturing at unprecedented speed, raises $16.5MM Series A from Engine Ventures.

Biotechnology • Cambridge, MA • Post-Money Valuation


Parse Biosciences, a developer of a single-cell sequencing technology designed to perform experiments without the need for custom instrumentation, raises $50MM Series C from Soleus Capital.

Life Sciences • Seattle, WA • Post-Money Valuation


Cadenza Bio, a firm that develops a series of novel drugs for the treatment of demyelinating and inflammatory disease, raises $2.44MM Seed from Plains Ventures.

Medical • Oklahoma City, OK • Post-Money Valuation


Myrias Optics, a firm that develops all-inorganic printed meta-optics, raises $3MM Seed from Asia Optical.

Manufacturing • Amherst, MA • Post-Money Valuation


DeepSease acquires GreyCastle Security, a company that provides cyber security services and solutions.

Cyber Security • Troy, NY • Deal


Certara acquires Applied Biomath, a company that uses mathematical modeling and simulation to provide quantitative and predictive guidance to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to help accelerate and de-risk drug research and development.

Analytics • Concord, MA • Deal


CES Power acquires Roundrock Technology, a company that provides IT services for the entertainment industries.

IT Consulting • Raleigh, NC • Deal


Linktree acquires Koji, a company that operates content creation platform designed to help create interactive social media posts, games and web applications in minutes.

Content Creators • West Hollywood, CA • Deal


Windjammer Capital acquires Bio X Cell, a firm that produces monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) for use in both in vivo and in vitro pre-clinical research applications.

Biotechnology • Lebanon, NH • Deal


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