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OpenAI Is ‘Exploring’ How to Responsibly Generate AI Porn

OpenAI Is ‘Exploring’ How to Responsibly Generate AI Porn
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May 13, 2024

What We're Reading

  • OpenAI Is ‘Exploring’ How to Responsibly Generate AI Porn [Wired]
  • Microsoft is launching its mobile game store in July [TechCrunch]
  • WhatsApp’s latest update streamlines navigation and adds a ‘darker dark mode’ [TechCrunch]
  • Google built some of the first social apps for Android, including Twitter and others [TechCrunch]

Trending Companies


Lamini, a company that develops a Large Language Model (LLM) platform for AI teams, raises $25MM Series A from Amplify Partners.

Large Language Model • Menlo Park, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Bleach Cyber, a company that develops a cybersecurity platform, raises $2MM Pre-Seed Funding from The Fund Austin.

Cyber Security • Austin, TX • Post-Money Valuation


Numeric, a company that develops a financial platform intended to support finance and accounting teams, raises $10MM Seed from Long Journey Ventures.

Fintech • San Francisco, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Daloopa, a company that develops a document automation and data extraction platform designed to automate workflow, raises $18MM Series B from Touring Capital.

Document Management • New York, NY • Post-Money Valuation


Think Bioscience, a synthetic biology company that develops small-molecule therapeutics for difficult-to-drug proteins, raises $6MM Seed from YK Bioventures.

Biopharmaceuticals • Boulder, CO • Post-Money Valuation


Acclinate, a company that develops a digital health platform designed to facilitate an increase in representation and diversity of their genomic research and clinical trials, raises $7MM Series A from Cencora Ventures.

Digital Health • Birmingham, AL • Post-Money Valuation


Meati, a company that produces plant-based food products intended to act as a sustainable alternative to meat, raises $100MM Series C-1 from Grosvenor.

Alternative Protein • Boulder, CO • Post-Money Valuation


Honeycomb Insurance, a company that operates an insurance technology platform intended to provide real estate insurance services, raises $36MM Series B from Zeev Ventures.

Insurtech • Chicago, IL • Post-Money Valuation


Backpack Healthcare, a digital mental health company that focuses on youth, family behavioral, and mental healthcare, raises $14MM Series A from PACE Healthcare Capital.

Mental Health • Elkridge, MD • Post-Money Valuation


Atlan, a company that provides a data collaboration workspace, raises $105MM Series C from MeriTech Capital Partners.

Database Management • Singapore, Singapore



Core & Main acquires Geothermal Supply Co, a distributor and fabricator of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe and other related products.

Pipes • Horse Cave, KY • Deal


MAI Capital Management acquires Harbor Wealth Management, a firm that advises private individuals and families, businesses, company retirement plans, and private foundations on all aspects of investment and wealth management.

Investment Management • Boulder, CO • Deal


Beacon EmbeddedWorks acquires Diamond Technologies, a managed service provider (MSP) that helps businesses align their technology with their business goals.

IT Management • Bakersfield, CA • Deal


Echo360 acquires Inkling Systems, a employee training platform for frontline workers.

Training • San Francisco, CA • Deal


US LBM acquires Better Built Truss, a construction company that offers the design and development of wooden roof and floor trusses.

Construction Materials • Ripon, CA • Deal


Axon intends to acquire Dedrone, a company that develops drone detection technology.

Drones • Sterling, VA • Deal


Network Coverage acquires Madwolf, a managed service provider and a managed security service provider.

Security • Washington, DC • Deal


DocuSign acquires Lexion, a company that develops a contract management system.

Project Management • Seattle, WA • Deal


reAlpha Tech acquires Naamche, a technology company focused on developing AI-powered solutions for large industries, including real estate.

Artificial Intelligence • Dublin, OH • Deal


Morgan Stanley Private Credit intends to acquire Guardian Dentistry Partners, a dental partnership network dedicated to providing support services and growth opportunities for its network of dentist partners.

Dental • Miami Lakes, FL • Deal

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