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Goodbye 2020 - Q2 Edition

Goodbye 2020 - Q2 Edition
December 29, 2020

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In the last week of 2020, we look back on the events and major activities of each quarter, with today’s issue covering the second quarter. April to June was a time of change globally. Aside from the biggest shift in history towards racial equality that sparked from the US but ignited the entire world’s support, it was also a time for the adoption of face masks and social distancing. 

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  • Worldwide coronavirus cases hit 10 million+ in this quarter and face masks, including how to make one on your own became a new normal. The cases in the U.S. topped 2.6 million. 
  • The Black Lives Matter movement erupted. The police-involved killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor became the fuel to a global uprising towards police brutality and racial injustice that spread across the world. 
  • Murder hornets were spotted in Washington State for the first time but its news disappeared as quickly as they came. 
  • SpaceX launched two NASA astronauts towards the International Space Station and is the first time in history for a commercial aerospace company to do so. The company has since received numerous funding. 
  • Although in-person ceremonies were canceled, virtual graduations were held throughout the month of June in replacement.
  • Throughout the three months, cities and states struggled with quarantine and shutdown restrictions. By the end of the quarter, many cities attempted to move back to a more ‘normal’ state with outdoor dining and the opening up of gyms, salons, and more.
  • To coop with stay-at-home orders, working out shifted to working “in.” If you haven’t read our report yet, take some time to read about companies that have benefited from the at-home fitness movement. Read here. 
  • Despite a new normal, PrivCo recorded over 1300 funding rounds in this quarter in the U.S. with many capital funding rounds by hard-hit businesses such as those by Macy’s and United Airlines. Other notable funding rounds include Waymo, Stripe, and Airbnb
  • We also recorded over 750 M&As notably Lululemon acquiring Mirror, Amazon of Zoox, Facebook of Giphy, and Just Eat Takeaway of Grubhub.
  • Notable IPOs of this quarter included Zoominfo, Vroom, and Nikola Motor.
Holiday spending went up
Retail sales rose slightly by 2.4% but brick and mortar stores took a huge hit. 
When toilet paper ran out
If you haven’t heard, bidet sales are flying through the roof. 
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Since last week, PrivCo has added:
10,300 Companies | 131 Funding Activities | 129 M&A Deals

Funding & Deal Highlights:

Perch Credit raises $2.5MM from multiple investors
Finance Software & Internet Services • Seed • Los Angeles, CA

Markable raises $5MM from NOMEIS ventures
E-commerce Software & Internet Services • Equity • Madison, WI

Boardable raises $8MM led by Base10 Partners
Document Management Software & Internet Services • Round A • Indianapolis, IN

KM2 Solutions raises funding from H.I.G. Capital
Advertising Software & Internet Services • Equity • New York, NY

Starburst Data raises $118MM from multiple investors
Technology Services • Round C • Boston, MA

Neomorph Raises $109MM from Deerfield Management
Biotechnology • Round A • San Diego, CA

CS Disco raises $40MM led by Comerica Incorporated
Analytics Software & Internet Services • Debt • Houston, TX

Adapt Health acquires AeroCare Holdings for $2BN
Health Care Services • Acquisition • Orlando, FL

Nuro acquires Ike Robotics
Commercial & Industrial Engineering • Acquisition • San Francisco, CA

Ouster merges with Colonnade Acquisition Corp
Commercial Products & Office Supplies • SPAC • San Francisco, CA

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