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Personalized Tailors Go Mainstream

Personalized Tailors Go Mainstream
January 21, 2021

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From manufacturing, logistics, and marketing, to even the design of new fashion, artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionizing the fashion industry. By way of just one example, AI-enabled machines and robots can stitch fabrics to perfection every time all while ensuring it is made in the most cost-effective way. Startups and big retailers are all looking at AI and data-driven virtual tailoring as customization is slowly and surely becoming one of the most sought after add-ons in the booming eCommerce market.

Credit: H&M
  • Amazon launched Made for You that uses your measurements and photos to create a custom t-shirt fit just for you. 
  • H&M partnered with a German startup to test tailor-made shirts through its H&M Lab.
  • Japanese online fashion retailer Zozo tested out a body-measuring suit globally and has launched a 2.0 version in November 2020 that aims to accurately take body measurements (unlike its previous version) and reduce returns. 
  • Proper Cloth is a custom men’s apparel company from New York that leverages computer-generated patterns, robotics, and AI coupled with experienced tailors to manufacture their clothing. 
  • Third Love is a female undergarments company that leverages technology and real fittings to match women to fitted intimates instead of using size templates. They are famous for their wide range of sizes and direct-to-consumer eCommerce platform. The company was founded in 2012 in San Francisco.  
  • mTailor leverages its custom measurement app to take measurements for a tailored fit and offers both men’s and women’s custom apparel. The company was founded in 2013 in San Francisco. 
  • Original Stitch, the San Francisco-based company, offers made-to-measure dress shirts handmade from Japan, often in collaboration with other well-known brands.
  • Anomalie was founded in 2016 to address the overmarked prices of wedding gowns. The company sells customizable wedding gowns that are also custom fit. 
  • Knot Standard is a custom men’s suit company that specializes in bespoke suits and shirts. It was founded in New York in 2012. Aside from leveraging customization technology at its showrooms, the company has developed a contactless virtual measuring method during COVID-19.
Netflix continues growth
The streaming service continues to add new subscribers, surpassing 200 million amidst upcoming price hikes.
[USA Today]
EV gains momentum with new investment
New backing from Microsoft and Amazon gives a big boost to autonomous vehicles. Photo: Cruise LLC
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863 Companies | 308 Funding Activities | 208 M&A Deals

Funding & Deal Highlights:

Cruise raises $2BN led by Microsoft
Autonomous Vehicles Software & Internet Services • Equity • San Francisco

Rivian Automotive raises equity from Amazon and Ford
Electrical Vehicle Manufacturers • Equity • Plymouth, MI

JobNimbus raises $53MM 
CRM Software & Internet Services • Equity • Lehi, UT

Rho Business Banking raises $15MM 
Banks • Round A • New York, NY 

Arca raises $10MM 
Investment Management & Financial Advisory • Round A • Los Angeles, CA

Stacklet raises $18MM
Cloud Software & Internet Services • Equity • Arlington, VA

ThreeFlow raises $8MM
Insurtech Software & Internet Services • Round A • Chicago, IL

Carbyne raises $25MM co-led by Hanaco Venture Capital and Elsted Capital Partners
Telecommunication Services • Round B • New York, NY

Gold Star Foods acquires Fresno Produce
Food & Beverage Distributors • Acquisition • Fresno, CA

Alphabet acquires Fitbit for $2.1BN
Technology Services • Acquisition • San Francisco, CA

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