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Best in Beauty 💄

Best in Beauty 💄
December 30, 2021

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The year 2021 was an exciting year for beauty. Up and comer beauty brands have benefitted from the D2C market boom, TikTok’s algorithm, a greater focus on diversity in founders and end consumers, and the Zoom effect on our self-esteem. The year 2022 is expected to bring an increase in on-demand beauty deliveries, even more people opting for injectables, and higher standards for “clean beauty.”

Today we’re looking at the top stories of the past year for beauty.


💅 We looked at the nailcare startups utilizing everything from robotics to mindfulness to make getting your nails done a thing of the future now. 

🌿 It’s a well-touted fact that the EU has banned over 1,400 ingredients from cosmetics, with the US banning only 20. This data point alone has given rise to clean beauty enthusiasm. We asked whether clean beauty is safe or the new snake oil?

Indie brands are coming for the Estee Lauders of the beauty industry. Check out the indie darlings hoping to take a cut of (or get acquired by) the biggest beauty brands.

🪞 One factor contributing to Zoom fatigue? Staring at our faces. We looked at the Zoom effect on beauty.


💄 Sephora has a knack for leading the pack for adopting innovations in all things e-commerce, beauty, and fintech. The company is raising the next batch of innovative newcomers in its Accelerate program focused on developing BIPOC founders. 


Stay tuned for what happens next in beauty in 2022!

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Funding & Deal Highlights:

Curi Bio raises $10MM from DynamK Capital

Biotechnology • Round A • Seattle, WA

Rhaeos raises $2.2MM from Lateral Capital

Medical Devices • Seed • Evanston, IL

VLP Therapeutics raises $21MM from Nobelpharma

Drug Research • Round A-1 • Gaithersburg, MD

Spoiler Alert raises $11MM from Collaborative Fund 

E-Commerce • Round A • Boston, MA

Univfy raises $6MM from Atlantic Street Capital

Fertility • Round B • Los Altos, CA

Beeline Loans raises from Calvary Fund 

Fintech • Equity • Providence, RI

Route 92 Medical raises $111MM from Norwest Venture Partners

Medical Devices • Round E • San Mateo, CA

Phosplatin Therapeutics raises $37MM from Adinvest AG

Pharmaceuticals • Round A • New York, NY

Meds Claims Compliance raises $5.7MM from Goldlog

Health Records • Round A • Georgetown, TX

DiRx Health raises $10MM 

Pharmacy • Round A • East Brunswick, NJ

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