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It's National Fast Food Day 🍔🍟

It's National Fast Food Day 🍔🍟
November 16, 2020

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Here’s our reminder to you because it is National Fast Food Day! During this cheat day, we are sure there will be plenty of promotions and BOGO burgers up for grabs. And what are some private company options? Here’s our list.  

  • Inspire Brands is a privately-owned holding company for restaurant brands including Arby's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Sonic Drive-In, Jimmy John's, and Rusty Taco. It’s grabbed a lot of media attention this month for acquiring and privatizing the Dunkin’ Donuts business for $11.3BN. Roark Capital Group has ownership in this company.
  • Chick-fil-A: The company that launched the original chicken sandwich just launched nationwide online ordering and hopes to reduce drive-thru waiting.
  • In-N-Out: Primarily located in California and the Southwest, this family-owned fast-food chain has been consistently ranked as one of the best fast-food chains to work for. 
  • White Castle, famous for its square “slider” burgers, predominately has its biggest presence in the Midwest. Unlike its peers, the company has very little debt and has a long-standing no-franchise policy. 
  • Flynn Restaurant Group is a restaurant franchise, owning and operating Taco Bell, Arby’s as well as Applebee and Panera Bread. It just put in a bid to buy out NPC International, which operates the Wendy’s and Pizza Hut franchises and is on the verge of bankruptcy.
  • Focus Brands is an international franchisor and operator of over 4,500 ice cream shops, bakeries, restaurants, and cafes including names like Cinnabon and Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. The company is also owned by Roark Capital Group.
  • Not private, obviously, but Burger King grabbed headlines in the marketing space by putting out an ad in Europe that said go “Order from McDonald’s” during a time when Europe is again on a lockdown due to rising coronavirus cases and food outlets are suffering and unemployment remains high. Since it’s marketing campaigns have continually trolled its arch-nemesis, this has turned heads. See the ad.
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Funding & Deal Highlights:

Tier Mobility raises $250MM led by Softbank 
Passenger Transportation • Round C • Germany

IQM Quantium Computers raises $46MM led by MIG Fonds
Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment • Round A • Finland

Decibel Therapeutics raises $82MM led by OrbiMed
Biotechnology • Round D • Cambridge, MA

Didactic receives $4.0MM from undisclosed investors
Education Software & Internet Services • Equity • Austin TX

Nana Technologies raises $6.0MM from multiple VCs and Angel investors
Marketplace Software & Internet Services  • Angel • Oakland, CA

Edgar & Cooper raises $26MM led by The Craftory
Pet Consumer Products • Round B • Belgium

Canadian telecom company Telus acquires AFS Technologies 
Consumer Software & Internet Services • Acquisition • Phoenix, AZ

Insurity Holdings acquires Codeobjects
Technology Services • Acquisition • Milpitas, CA

Ryan acquires Sydney, Australian-based firm Indirect Tax Solutions
Professional Services • Acquisition • Dallas, TX

Legal services company Epiq acquires Hyperion Global Partners
Consulting • Acquisition • Sugar Land, TX

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