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The Jobs Report & Families 👪

The Jobs Report & Families 👪
November 8, 2021

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The October jobs report showed an added half a million jobs, a better than expected unemployment rate of 4.6%, and a roughly 5% increase in wages. The only disappointing metric involved how many people are not ready to get back to work. In the wild world of predicting and analyzing the jobs market, it's staggering to think of all the components wrapped into why people aren't lacing up their boots or clocking in at the same numbers as pre-pandemic levels.


Overall, there are 10MM jobs in the U.S. that need filling, but they don't necessarily match the types of jobs people are seeking. Knowledge-based workers, in particular, are in a position to be extra picky on their job hunts, relying on the financial cushions accumulated during the pandemic. In addition, many folks retired early and won't be returning to the jobs market. 

But there's a striking number that paints a different picture. In September, 300,000 women opted out of the workforce, as they did the year before, indicating that childcare continues to be a challenging issue for working families. An article from January 2021 exposed the contrast of women outnumbering men in the U.S. paid workforce in early 2020, all to be unraveled within a matter of months to levels not seen since 1988.

A major piece of Biden's legislative agenda has been to end the U.S.'s tenure as the only industrialized nation not to offer guaranteed family leave. That agenda item has had its recent ups and downs after centrist Senator Joe Machin opposed the proposal. It is now back in the Build Back Better Package.

In the meantime, employers are seeking to make workplaces more amenable to life's caregiving responsibilities, which don't necessarily fall outside the 9-5 schedule neatly, by providing services for caregiving for aging loved ones and flexibility around workdays.

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Funding & Deal Highlights:

Neuro-ID raises $35MM from Capai Ventures

Behavioral Analytics • Round B • Whitefish, MT

GRO Biosciences raises $25MM from Leaps by Bayer
Biopharmaceuticals • Round A • Boston, MA

Ethyca raises $7.5MM from Lee Fixel
PaaS • Round A-2 • New York, NY

VNTANA raises $12.5M from Mark Cuban
3D • Round A • Los Angeles, CA

GeoWealth raises $19MM from Kayne Anderson Venture Fund
Fintech • Round B • Chicago, IL

GlycoVaxyn raises $49MM from 5AM Ventures
Biopharmaceuticals • Round A • Switzerland

Reltio raises $120MM from Brighton Park Capital
Data Management • Equity • Redwood City, CA

WhyLabs raises $10MM from Defy Partners 
AI Software • Round A • Seattle, WA

Outdoor Living Supply acquires Landscapers Depot
Outdoor Products • Acquisition • Rochester, MN

Recovery Point Systems acquires Geminare
Supply Chain Management • Acquisition • Gaithersburg, MD

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