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Why some media flop while others win during COVID

Why some media flop while others win during COVID
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April 14, 2020
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Identifying correctly the jobs to be done is the first and most important step in marketing and product research. It is also often the most misguided. We get behind numbers and charts and forget the human needs and the jobs to be done.

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How socio-economic changes catapulted one beauty company
Class identity and anxiety helped The Ordinary go from 0 to $300 in half a year. [Read More]
Jaw-dropping private equity dry powder
How to identify good opportunities and home in your options is key. [Read More]
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Rebel Foods Raises $50M for Its India-based Cloud Kitchen Network
AcreTrader raises $5M to help people invest in a fruitful asset class: farmland
Vera Whole Health raises $10M to expand its ‘advanced primary care’ model
Raziel Health Buys Ideal Life
DOXA Acquires Insurance Agencies

University fancards secures $4M in Series A round 
Pepper Raises $2M for Bras Designed for Small Chest Sizes
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