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The age of AI BS

The age of AI BS
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March 28, 2024

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  • Companies Are Luring Investors by Exaggerating What Their AI Can Do [Business Insider]
  • Elon Musk says all Premium subscribers on X will gain access to AI chatbot Grok this week [TechCrunch]
  • Amazon will have to publish an ads library in EU after all [TechCrunch]
  • Facebook snooped on users’ Snapchat traffic in secret project, documents reveal [TechCrunch]

Trending Companies


Scholar Education, a company that develops an AI-driven algorithm education platform, raises $1.5MM Equity Funding from Ed Buckley.

Artificial Intelligence • Tampa, FL • Post-Money Valuation


The BXNG Club, a company that operates a fitness club intended to provide overall fitness and health services, raises $2MM Equity Funding from Undisclosed Investors.

Fitness • San Diego, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Firewall, a company that develops crypto security solutions designed to eliminate fraud and exploits, raises $3.7MM Pre-Seed from North Island Ventures.

Fraud Protection • San Francisco, CA • Post-Money Valuation


TollBit, a company that developed an artificial intelligence that helps websites protect and monetize their content, raises $7MM Equity Funding from Sunflower Capital.

Artificial Intelligence • New York, NY • Post-Money Valuation


Todyl, a developer of security solutions that empower businesses with comprehensive cybersecurity delivered through a single-agent platform, raises $50MM Series B from Base10 Partners.

Cyber Security • New York, NY • Post-Money Valuation


Reach Security, a developer of a generative AI platform purpose-built to empower enterprise security teams, raises $20MM Equity Funding from Ballistic Ventures.

Generative AI • San Pablo, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Cayosoft, a company that develops software solutions that help organizations manage and protect their Microsoft infrastructures everywhere, from on-premises, to hybrid, to the cloud, raises $22.5MM Equity Funding from Centana Growth Partners.

Enterprise Software • Columbus, OH • Post-Money Valuation


BREVIAN, a developer of a no-code platform designed for business users, so they can create secure, customized AI agents to offload manual tasks, raises $9MM Seed from Felicis.

No Code • Sunnyvale, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Glimpse, a developer of a battery quality monitoring platform for cell producers and buyers, raises $4MM Seed from Ibex Mobility.

Batteries • Somerville, MA • Post-Money Valuation


Incendium Strategies, a growth studio and consultancy specializing in go-to-market design, campaign management, and strategic advisory for B2B tech and tech-enabled companies, raises $2.1MM Equity Funding from Operator Equity.

Consulting • Washington, DC • Post-Money Valuation


DraftWise, an AI-powered contract and negotiation platform for lawyers, raises $20MM Series A from Index Ventures.

Artificial Intelligence • New York, NY • Post-Money Valuation


Clique, an infrastructure company enabling computing for blockchains, raises $8MM Series A from Polychain Capital.

Blockchain • San Francisco, CA • Post-Money Valuation


ConKay Medical Systems, a medical device company advancing unique solutions to treat valvular regurgitation in patients with progressive heart failure, raises $1.8MM Seed from SCP Ventures.

Cardiology • Pleasanton, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Sunfire, an industrial electrolysis company with two differentiated technologies: It develops and manufactures electrolyzers based on SOEC; and Alkaline technologies that enable a truly sustainable and cost-effective production of renewable hydrogen, syngas and e-Fuel, raises $215MM Series E from GIC.

CleanTech • Dresden, Germany


Zama AI, a company that develops an open source cryptographic tools that make protecting privacy easy with Homomorphic Encryption, raises $73MM Series A from Multicoin Capital.

Blockchain • Paris, France


Cosmology, a company that operates an application development platform intended to build Web3 apps in the interchain ecosystem, raises $5MM Seed from Galileo.

Web3 • London, United Kingdom


American Express Global Business Travel intends to acquire CWT, a company that provides business travel management services.

Travel • Minneapolis, MN • Deal


Exyte acquires Collabratech, a company that provides engineering and manufacturing solutions for semiconductor, medical, industrial and consumer sectors.

Contract Manufacturing • Phoenix, AZ • Deal


Spiffy acquires Nuvinair Global, a company that manufactures interiors for the automotive industry.

Automotive • Plano, TX • Deal


BlackRock Private Equity Partners intends to acquire SpiderRock, a company that provides wealth management services.

Advisory • Chicago, IL • Deal


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