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TikTok's B2B glow up

TikTok's B2B glow up
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April 24, 2020
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The technology adoption evolution chain goes like this: Asian->US Tween-> US Mainstrem-> B2B. And now TikTok has arrived.
What makes TikTok something altogether different from other engagement channels. And what's next on the evolution chan?

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The Ordinary, a makeup brand launched as a joke is now a cash cow for Estee Lauder
How a brand that is launched as a marketing stunt broke the internet and was acquired by Estee Lauder in a year. [Read More]
Snap Eyes $750 Million Convertible Bond Offering in ‘Strategic Move’
Is it strategy or liquidity? [Read More]
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Biobot Analytics Nabs $4.2M Seed Round
Fishtown Analytics Raises $12.9M to Accelerate Open Source Analytics 
Noah Secures $150M To Help People Tap Into Their Home Equity 
QuillBot Raises $4.25M to Break Down Jargon for Students 
Remote Raises an $11M Seed Round to Empower Companies to Hire Remotely
ActiveProspect Raises Growth Investment from Five Elms Capital
Medallia acquires voice-to-text specialist Voci Technologies for $59M
Palo Alto Networks Completes Acquisition of CloudGenix
AskBio Acquires BrainVectis
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