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Highlights of the Week (June 3, 2022)

Highlights of the Week (June 3, 2022)
June 3, 2022

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The focus this week understandably remains on gun violence, after simultaneous shootings took place on Wednesday in three American cities, less than two weeks after the Uvalde shooting. The “home of the brave” is taking on a whole new meaning when more and more people have seen their hometowns or a minority group targeted. People are nervous about going to movie theaters or sending their kids to school and the headlines bear that fear out. “How to Calm Anxiety or Fear” after mass shootings listicles are popping up everywhere.

For all the parenting books that attempt to quell parents' fears about the health and happiness of their children, death by gun violence is the leading killer of young people in the United States, surpassing motor vehicle accidents since 2020. Meanwhile, Canada has proposed sweeping gun legislation in light of recent events here in the U.S.


Here are the week’s top stories from PrivCo:

  • We started the post-holiday week with a look at how scientists are using microbes for all manner of purposes, from fashion to meat. Find out about the good kind of bacteria here.

  • Minivans are no longer the symbol of middle-age malaise. Passenger vans are flying off lots as the new “lifestyle vehicle” of choice. Learn where they’re going.

  • SPACs aren’t doing so hot, as evidenced by the latest financial reporting. Find out how low they can go before they bust and what this situation means for future deals here.

Quick News:
Since last week, PrivCo has added:
1,911 Companies |  346 Funding Activities | 118 M&A Deals

Funding & Deal Highlights:


Bark raises $30MM from Kayne Partners

Monitoring • Round C • Atlanta, GA

Rimac raises $536MM from Softbank

Automotive • Round D • Sveta Nedelja, Croatia

Odilo raises $64MM from Bregal 

E-Learning • Equity • Madrid, Spain

Hint Health raises $45MM from Banneker

Healthcare Technology • Equity • San Francisco, CA

Ordr raises $40MM from Battery Ventures 

Internet of Things • Round C • Santa Clara, CA

Slice raises $50MM from Tiger Global

Fintech • Round C • Bangalore, India

Moxe raises $30MM from Piper Sandler

Healthcare Services • Round B • Madison, WI

Ultima Genomics raises $600MM from A16z

Biotechnology • Equity • Newark, CA

Novoloop raises $10MM from Hanwha 

CleanTech • Round A • Menlo Park, CA

Utopia raises $23MM from Paradigm

Payroll • Round A • San Francisco, CA

Test Equity acquires National Test Equipment

Equipment • Acquisition • Oceanside, CA

Airship acquires Gummicube

Software • Acquisition • San Jose, CA

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