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I'm Raphael from PrivCo, and I noticed you're a subscriber to PrivCo Daily Stack, which means you're already ahead of the game when it comes to tracking market trends and staying informed.

We're curious to learn more about your specific approach when researching private companies and the challenges you might be facing.

PrivCo is your source for top-tier private company financial data (revenue, EBITDA, employee estimates…) on 780,000+ US companies, streamlining your process and saving you time.

Would you be open to scheduling a brief 15-20 minute call in the next week to trade strategies? Alternatively, could you direct me to a more appropriate person to connect with?

For a bit more info and to schedule a chat, head over to this link:

Thanks for being a loyal subscriber to PrivCo Daily Stack. We're excited to continue providing you with valuable insights and content.

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