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President Biden issues executive order to set standards for AI safety and security

President Biden issues executive order to set standards for AI safety and security
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October 31, 2023

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  • President Biden issues executive order to set standards for AI safety and security [TechCrunch] 
  • Meta to offer ad-free subscription in Europe in bid to keep tracking other users [TechCrunch]
  • Cruise hits the brakes on driverless, UAW makes progress and more EV backpedaling [TechCrunch] 
  • How companies can use generative AI to hire and promote employees based on skills match [Fortune] 

Trending Companies



Censys, a cybersecurity company that provides innovative solutions to help organizations enhance their online security, raises $75MM from Decibel Partners.

SaaS • Ann Arbor, MI • Post-Money Valuation


Twelve Labs, a company that offers machine learning solutions for summarizing and searching video, raises $10MM Equity Funding from Nventures.

API • San Francisco, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Palladium, a national energy infrastructure development and project finance firm, raises $10MM Equity Funding from Ultra Capital.

Energy • Jacksonville, FL • Post-Money Valuation


Laxis, a company that developed AI meeting assistants for revenue teams, raises $1.5MM Seed from Elevate Ventures.

Collaboration • Evansville, IN • Post-Money Valuation


Ternary, a company that develops a cloud cost optimization tool, raises $12MM Series A from Jump Capital.

Finance • San Francisco, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Basis, a company that developed a business intelligence software, raises $3.6MM from Botton Ventures.

AdTech • Chicago, IL • Post-Money Valuation


Dermbiont, a company that develops microbial therapeutics designed to treat skin diseases, raises $35.2MM Series B from DoublePoint Ventures.

Therapeutics • Boston, MA • Post-Money Valuation


QuoteWell, a company that developed a data-driven platform designed for the insurance industry, raises $15MM Series A from NEA.

Platform • Austin, TX • Post-Money Valuation


PreventScripts, a company that partners with Primary Care providers to help them identify and intervene with their patients at-risk for diabetes, raises $1.5MM Equity Funding from Keyhorse Capital.

Primary Care • Paducah, KY • Post-Money Valuation


JourneyTrack, a company that developed a customer-first, enterprise-grade SaaS experience management platform, raises $1.5MM Equity Funding from Elevate Capital.

SaaS • Wilmington, DE • Post-Money Valuation


Flashpoint Therapeutics, a company that develops cancer immunotherapies through rational nanoscale design of therapeutic architecture, raises $10MM Seed from Beta Lab.

Medical • Redwood City, CA • Post-Money Valuation


FlyGuys, a professional drone / (UAV) service company delivering solutions for many industries, raises $10MM Series A from Mitchell Capital.

Drones • Lafayette, LA • Post-Money Valuation 

Lentechs, a clinical stage ophthalmic medical device company focused on developing a new generation of soft, suspended contact lens, raises $6MM Equity Funding from Vision Vestments.

Eye Care • Columbus, OH • Post-Money Valuation


PrecZn, a company that developed commerce orchestration for vertical SaaS platforms, raises $6.8MM Equity Funding from FlyOver Capital.

API • Carrollton, TX • Post-Money Valuation  


Gemspring Capital invests in Inflow Communications, a business communications company.

VoIP • Portland, OR • Deal


Mod Op acquires Crenshaw Communications, a public relations firm.

Advertising • New York, NY • Deal   


Sila Services acquires Burns & McBride Home Comfort, a company that provides practical and innovative heating and cooling solutions.

HVAC • New Castle, DE • Deal


Databricks acquires Arcion, a company developer of database replication platform designed to offer autonomous migration.

Cloud • San Mateo, CA • Deal


Snowflake to acquire Ponder, a software developer intended for data science solutions.

Data Processing • San Mateo, CA • Deal


Align Capital Partners acquires Counsel Press, a company that provides document preparation.

Legal • New York, NY • Deal



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