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Investment Highlight: Regenerative Farming 🌱

Investment Highlight: Regenerative Farming 🌱
February 15, 2022

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Agtech had a record funding year in 2021, raising over $5BN from investors. The industry spans the gamut from robot farmers, to vertical crops, to the buzzworthy sector known as regenerative agriculture. Today, we're looking at this soon-to-be booming industry within an industry.

The basic premise of regenerative agriculture is a holistic approach that emphasizes the interconnectedness of farming systems, from the food cows eat to the fertilization of the soil upon which they graze. The goal is to utilize farming practices that are not only carbon neutral but also capture carbon in the soil in a process called carbon sequestration.


The technique is, in some ways, a return to the pre-modern farming principles of working with the "world's natural systems instead of against them." As we've seen with conventional farming, industrial mono-crop farming is detrimental to the soil, is not very resilient against pests, and contributes to climate change. How, then, are startups appealing to investors when promoting a 'pre-modern' technique?

Cooks Venture, for one, is using heritage breeds of animals and regenerative farming practices but packaging the idea as a D2C brand for a modern customer. CH4 Global is onboard to create zero methane agriculture by growing Asparagopsis armata, a seaweed that reduces methane emissions from cows and other farm animals. BeeHero combines generations of beekeeping experience with new technologies to pollinate almond crops. Using natural methods, combined with tech, these companies are catching the interest of investors looking for a greener future–in both sustainability and cash returns.

For more agtech innovators, search our fundings using the keyword "agtech."

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Glance raises $200MM from Reliance Industries 

Personalization • Round D • Bengaluru, India

PriorAuthNow raises $25MM from Insight Partners

Insurance • Equity • Columbus, OH

Evolve Vacation Rental Network raises $100MM from Durable Capital

Rental • Equity • Denver, CO

Harborside borrows $45.4MM from Pelorous Equity Group

Cannabis • Debt • Oakland, CA

Hoteam Software raises $63MM from Legend Capital

CAD • Round C • Jinan, China raises $251MM from Affinity Equity Partners

PaaS • Equity • Seoul, S. Korea

Smartron raises $200MM from The Global Emerging Markets Group

Internet of Things • Equity • Hyderabad, India

Yellow Swan raises $94.9MM from Fengshion Capital

Food • Round C • Chengdu, Sichuan

Databook Labs raises $50MM from Bessemer Venture Partners

CRM • Round B • Palo Alto, CA

Soul Machines raises $70MM from SoftBank Vision Fund 

Software • Round B-1 • Auckland, New Zealand

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