The Platform

Screen out the noise to identify the most relevant targets

Discover, then drill down
Advanced Search
Create a target list based on criteria that matter most to you

Filter by historical annual revenues, employee counts, growth rates, location, industry, keywords and transaction details.

Company Profiles
Find specific company details instantly

Get the insights you’re seeking from revenue and employee metrics, growth trends, funding rounds, related companies and more.

Accelerate your sourcing and discovery efforts with advanced search


We’ve done the heavy lifting so you can jump ahead to your shortlist of targets without multiple passes.


Only export what you need, move results to a collaborative watchlist and save your search to monitor changes over time.

Take Action

Find the diamond in the rough

Leverage our proprietary industry classifications to discover under-the-radar names and related companies.

Monitor attractive companies

Create watchlists, grouping companies by project to monitor and collaborate.

Get in touch with key contacts

Get names, titles and emails of executive-level contacts you want to connect with.

Drill down on high-value targets with individual company profiles

  • Access revenue and employee detail unavailable anywhere else.
  • View comparables with our Related Companies tool.
  • Get immediate insight into KPIs and trends with our data visualizations.

Our data on your terms

Integrate our data directly into your existing internal workflow.

Salesforce integration

Accelerate your sales and sourcing functions by pushing our data to your Salesforce account.

PrivCo API

For those with higher data consumption needs, we offer an API.

Get access to the private company intelligence you need

Augment your research. Uncover opportunities. Close deals.