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on January 3, 2019
The U.S. private market intelligence you’re seeking, without all of the searching.

We provide the most comprehensive insight into the financial health, market position and trajectory of U.S. private companies, including truly private companies— a universe that comprises the bulk of the middle market but is largely ignored by competitors. We provide current and historical revenue and employee data by year, growth rates, ownership structure, executive-level contacts, investors, funding details, related companies, detailed M&A activity, and valuations and multiples.

Stop Collecting Data. Go Straight to Vetting Targets.

Why spend hours hunting down elusive current and historical revenue and employee data when PrivCo has already done the heavy lifting for you—and QA’d it for directional accuracy? PrivCo helps you spend time closing deals instead of hunting down individual pieces of data.

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Access Truly Private Companies, Discover Under-the-Radar Targets

A quick search of a deal-focused database will show that they largely ignore truly private companies, which make up the bulk of this universe. PrivCo will be your competitive edge.

PrivCo Covers Truly Private Companies

Accelerate Your Research, Discovery and Deals

See for yourself how our unique insights give you a tangible edge.

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Find Under-the-Radar Targets, Gain Market Intel

  • Search the private company universe by criteria you care about: revenue, employee counts, growth rates, industry, geography, ownership and VC or M&A activity.
  • Change the lens by which you view similar companies to discover new targets, competitors or complementary companies with PrivCo’s Related Companies tool.
  • Organize interesting companies by project in order to monitor and (soon) collaborate with colleagues using Watchlists.

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Integrate Our Data with Your Internal Systems, On Your Terms

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PrivCo is clearly the private company expert.

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