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The U.S. private market data you’re seeking, without all of the searching.

You’re here for a reason. Finding trustworthy historical revenue and employee data isn’t easy—and if you can find it, you’ve spent hours of your time hunting it down.

Clients use PrivCo to not only access otherwise-elusive historical revenue and employee numbers but also to expand their universe to include truly private companies (deal-focused database largely miss this extensive universe).

Our unique universe and data sets allow you to:

  • Discover under-the-radar companies your competitors aren’t finding through other sources.
  • Quickly hone in on companies that meet your criteria such as revenue history, employee counts, growth rates, industry, geography and VC or M&A activity.
  • Realize the ROI potential from your time savings, let alone from discovering new targets.
  • Have confidence in your decisions. Not only do we apply a QA overlay to our data but PrivCo is the only platform that provides transparency into the authority of our revenue and employee data sources.

PrivCo is Clearly the Private Company Expert


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