Salesforce Integration Accelerates Your Sales & Sourcing Efforts

on January 2, 2019
PrivCo Integrates with Salesforce

How much time and effort does your team spend hunting down elusive privateĀ U.S. company revenue and employee data? And once someone on your team finally finds a piece of this valuable info, how do you make it available to the rest of your team?

PrivCo’s Salesforce integration means that your team can spend significantly less time hunting down private company data (we’ve done the heavy lifting for you) and that, with a click of a button, these key financial details can be pushed directly into Salesforce, accelerating your organization’s sales and sourcing functions.

Integrating PrivCo with Salesforce is simple and, once connected, you can begin enriching your existing CRM records or create new records using the Salesforce icon found at the top of every company profile.

Push PrivCo Data to Salesforce

This frees your team up to do what you do best: close your next client or deal.

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“In the competitive world of commercial real estate, knowledge is power and fast access to accurate data is key. PrivCo is a phenomenal research tool. It is one of the best, most accurate databases to track the hardest-to-find financials on private organizations.”

Sandy McDonald, Director of Market Research at Transwestern

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