Ratchet / Full Rachet

Ratchet / Full Rachet defined: A rachet provision (usually a “Full-Ratchet” provisions) provides anti-dilution protection to an investor (see defintion of “anti-dilution”). When a company raises new equity capital such as venture capital, with a Full Rachet provision an investor has the option of having have his or her percentage ownership remain the same as his initial investment. For example, an investor who paid $10 per share for a 20% stake in a private company would get more shares in order to maintain that stake if a subsequent round of financing were to come through at $8 per share. (This is known as a “down round – see definition of Down Round.”) The earlier round investor would have the right to convert his shares at the $8 per share price as part of the Down Round, increasing his shares by 25% and maintaining his 20% ownership stake in the private company.

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