Do You Have the U.S. Private Company Universe Covered?

on April 9, 2019
Private Companies without PE or VC funding

80% of Private Companies Don’t Have PE or VC Backing*

This means that a quick search of deal-focused databases will likely show they are missing out on the 100,000+ names that fall within this majority category of the private company universe.

Because we take a bottom-up approach to our coverage, focusing on the financial health and growth trajectory of companies, we aren’t limited to only providing actionable insights on just institutionally backed companies.

The financial intelligence we provide on the private company universe includes:

  • Historical revenues and employee counts
  • 1- and 3-year growth rates
  • Valuations and deal multiples
  • Funding rounds
  • M&A activity
  • Corporate structure and other critical KPIs

Gain a Competitive Edge with Access to Under-the-Radar Companies

Hone in on an industry or collection of otherwise related companies using our Advanced Search tool to understand:

  • Market sizing and growth trends
  • Valuations and deal multiples
  • The funding landscape
  • Under-the-radar players
  • Location clustering
  • Companies without PE and/or VC backing
  • Related industries, including emerging market segments
  • M&A activity
  • And much more

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*Based on PrivCo data

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