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How well do you know your customer analytics?

How well do you know your customer analytics?
May 27, 2021

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The largest provider of user insights for e-commerce has been and still is Google Analytics. But there is a growing industry of companies promising even greater insight into what customers are doing online. Today, we look at the private companies coming after Google's Google Analytics business.



What can user analytics be used for?

User analytics is the online equivalent of a shop owner watching a customer browse the store's wares, recording where the customer stops and looks longer, indicating what signs attracted the customer into the store or a particular section, and tracking other customer shopping and purchase behavior. These analytics are meant to help a business understand what is helping the business reach its goals, be it more sales, more email signups, or more time spent in store (ie, online). 

  • Google Analytics tops every list of analytics software tools because of its market share, estimated to be about 50%. The tool is free to most businesses and enjoys industry-standard benefits like a wealth of tutorials and programs devoted to helping people use it.

  • Heap promises its 6000+ customers greater detail than Google Analytics by tracking “events,” such as page scrolls, video clicks, and more to see exactly what captivates and what bores users on a site. The company raised a $55MM Series C in 2019, led by NewView Capital.

  • MixPanel is taking a chunk out of analytics customers, capturing 30% of Fortune 100 SaaS companies. The platform allows companies to assign unique user numbers to track them across multiple websites and platforms, a feature that potentially might be copied by Google and others. a16z wrote the entire check for MixPanel's $65MM Round B.

  • Amplitude is the second-largest analytics platform, with 40,000+ customers. The company boasts the highest CAGR of all the analytics companies and reached unicorn status with its $50MM Round E in 2020.

With online shopping habits here to stay, the future might depend on who can offer the best insights to the entire lifecycle of the customer, combining data from websites, social, press, print & beyond. With behemoths like Google still dominating and able to recreate some of those niche features, the question is will these smaller companies be able to carve out and keep their own customers?
Amazon buying MGM for $8.45BN

Leo the Lion brings 4,000 film titles to Amazon's streaming platform.




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Since last week, PrivCo has added:

503 Companies | 248 Funding Activities | 119 M&A Deals

Funding & Deal Highlights:

Archivists raises $2MM from Ashton Kutcher & Edward Norton

E-commerce Software & Internet Services • Seed • Los Angeles, CA

Spinwheel Solutions raises $11MM from QED Investors

Fintech Software & Internet Services • Equity • Oakland, CA

ViaBot raises $6.1MM from Baseline Ventures & SOSV

Robotics Heavy-Duty Vehicles • Round A • Sunnyvale, CA

Just Women’s Sports raises $3.5MM from Will Ventures

Publishing • Seed • San Francisco, CA

Laronde raises $50MM from Flagship Pioneering 

Biotechnology • Equity • Cambridge, MA raises $5.4MM from Blue Canyon Technologies

Software & Internet Services • Seed • San Francisco, CA

AmVentureX raises $1MM from SecretLab

Health Care Products • Seed • Minneapolis, MN

Elucid Bioimaging raises $8MM from the University of Michigan and MedTex Ventures

Biotechnology • Round A • Boston, MA

Nuvalent raises $135MM from Bain Capital

Biotechnology • Round C • Cambridge, MA

Noble Systems acquires Aspect Software for $1BN

Staffing Software & Internet Services • Acquisition • Westford, MA

ServiceNow acquires LightStep 

Enterprise Software & Internet Services • Acquisition • San Francisco, CA

Outdoor Living acquires Geo. Schofield

Building Product Distributors • Acquisition • Bound Brook, NJ

Riodan, Lewis & Haden, & Salesforce Ventures acquires Astound Commerce

Consulting • SPAC • San Bruno, CA

Nexa3D raises $55MM from OurCrowd & Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures

Commercial Products & Office Supplies • Equity • Ventura, CA

SFW Capital Partners acquires Pion 

Pharmaceuticals • Acquisition • Billerica, MA


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