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The Daily Stack - Weekend Edition

The Daily Stack - Weekend Edition

The Daily Stack

April 5, 2020
New Treasury Guidance and Why Most M&As fail
New details emerged from the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) Friday night. The Treasury Department published guidance on affiliates rules which aimed to provide clarity on what counts as affiliated business and would count towards the 500 employees. 

The Treasury Department also provided sweeteners and guarantees for lenders, providing 100% loan guarantees at no cost to lenders and a processing fee of up to 5%. 

Policy development aside- why 70%-90% of M&As fail? A lack of long term strategic focus is to blame. CEOs focus on boosting short term performance inevitably end up paying too much and exhausting the target's potential. Learn more through the business case of GrubMarket

With the customer acquisition cost high and supply chain fragmented, many brands are struggling to profit even before the pandemic outbreak. [Medium]

Biotech Surge - Companies like 
Formlabs are using 3D printing to save lives during Coronavirus. [Read More]

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