The Future of Transportation is (Almost) Here

on March 28, 2019

20 Companies Making Autonomous Vehicles a Reality

The autonomous vehicle (AV) market will be worth $54 billion by the end of 2019, according to research from Allied Research Market. Strategy Analytics estimates that the market will balloon to a $7 trillion global industry by 2050. 

While AV technology has not yet reached “Level 5” fully autonomous potential, some elements of the technology have been used for over 10 years. According to ExtremeTech, John Deere has been using AV-technology to allow its tractors to “memorize” crop field routes, helping farmers increase productivity.

“[T]echnology to support autonomous long-haul trucking technology will approach maturity in the next 5 to 10 years,” according to Greg Roger, Policy Analyst at the Eno Center for Transportation. “However, we’re still 10 to 20 years off from having fully driverless trucks being a common sight on the roads.”

This can be attributed to recent setbacks, including a few well-publicized accidents and the resulting decrease in consumer confidence.

Contributors on the manufacturer side include Tesla, which no longer offers a “full self-driving” option on its order page, and Google subsidiary Waymo, which is the “undisputed” leader on the Level 5 front and “met its self-imposed deadline of a commercial robo-taxi launch in 2018 only with the very softest possible launch to a small number of testers in restricted environments with limited routes,” according to ExtremeTech.

Although full autonomy seems further off in the distance, McKinsey says to “[E]xpect Level 4 autonomy—operating within virtual geographic boundaries—to be disruptive and available between 2020 and 2022, with full adoption coming later.” It projects that Level 5 will arrive no sooner than 2030. “These advances will change how people think about mobility in urban environments, with the greatest impact seen in car ownership and public transportation use.”

Autonomous vehicle global market size and consumer confidence stats

Who are the major private company players paving the way?

Here are 20 interesting companies that play in this space, in order total funding size, smallest to largest. We are including funding and employee count details to showcase a portion of the intelligence we provide.

About this list: PrivCo helps users discover under-the-radar private companies that our competitors don’t cover, using the criteria that matter to them. One way we assist in discovery is with our innovative industry tagging and keyword system. Standard classification systems are limiting, so we created our own to more accurately reflect the modern business landscape. We used this system to identify a collection of companies to highlight.

 Deepscale logo

• Total funding: $18.5M

• Most-recent employee count: 30

Optimus Ride Logo

• Total funding: $23.3M

• Most-recent employee count: 70

innovusion logo

• Total funding: $30M

• Most-recent employee count: 30

may mobility logo

• Total funding: $33.5M

• Most-recent employee count: 55

Kodiak Robotics logo

• Total funding: $40M

• Most-recent employee count: 10

autox logo

• Total funding: $43M

• Most-recent employee count: 90

• Total funding: $47.1M

• Most-recent employee count: 35

aeva logo

• Total funding: $48.5M

• Most-recent employee count: 50

aeye logo

• Total funding: $56M

• Most-recent employee count: 34

airbiquity logo 

• Total funding: $59.1M

• Most-recent employee count: 90

seegrid logo 

• Total funding: $69.7M

• Most-recent employee count: 160

cyngn logo 

• Total funding: $70M

• Most-recent employee count: 40

driveai logo 

• Total funding: $77M

• Most-recent employee count: 130

deepmap logo

• Total funding: $92M

• Most-recent employee count: 80

roadstar logo

• Total funding: $128M

• Most-recent employee count: 80

velodyne lidar logo 

• Total funding: $150M

• Most-recent employee count: 550

View sample profile logo 

• Total funding: $214M

• Most-recent employee count: 200

Aurora Innovation logo 

• Total funding: $620M

• Most-recent employee count: 160

zoox logo

• Total funding: $990M

• Most-recent employee count: 550


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