A Spotlight on 10 Companies Owned & Led by Women

on March 11, 2019

With women’s history month in full swing, we are shining a light on 10 interesting private companies that are owned and led by women.

These companies span a range of industries. There are a few well-known names, a number of truly private companies (without external capital backing) and some with impressive revenue growth rates. We are also sharing a few interesting details to showcase the range of intelligence PrivCo provides.

Here they are in order of 1-year revenue growth rates, lowest to highest.

 Quantum Health logo

• Led by Kara Trott

• PrivCo industry classification*: Health Care Services

• PE-backed

• 3-year employee growth rate of 29%

D'Artagnan logo

• Led by Ariane Daguin

• PrivCo industry classification: Food & Beverage Producers

• Truly private (without external capital backing)

• Consistent year-over-year growth since 2013

Pinnacle Technical Resources logo

• Led by Nina Vaca

• PrivCo industry classification: Human Resources & Employment Services

• In the top 0.5% of U.S. private companies based on revenues

• 3-year revenue growth rate of 47%

• Truly private

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Maximum Games logo

• Led by Christina Seelye

• PrivCo industry classification: Software & Internet Services

• 3-year revenue growth rate of 54%

• Truly private

Zambezi logo

• Led by Jean Freeman

• PrivCo industry classification: Advertising & Marketing

• Subsidiary of a privately held company

kylie cosmetics logo

• Led by Kylie Jenner, the youngest billionaire in history

• PrivCo industry classification: Consumer Products

• 1-year growth rate of 16%

• Truly private

S'well logo

• Led by Sarah Kauss

• PrivCo industry classification: Consumer Products

• 3-year employee growth rate of 70%

• Truly private

Reformation logo

• Led by Yael Aflalo

• PrivCo industry classification: Apparel, Footwear & Accessories

• Supermodel Karlie Kloss was an early investor

• PE-backed

Globalization Partners Logo

• Led by Nicole Sahin

• PrivCo industry classification: Human Resources & Employment Services

• At 158%, achieved the biggest 3-year growth of all companies on this list

• Truly private

goop logo

• Led by Gwyneth Paltrow

• PrivCo industry classification: Specialty Retail

• Smart Money (companies backed by the top 25 performing VC firms)**

• The biggest 1-year growth on this list by both employee count and revenue

• VC-backed

*About PrivCo’s Industry Classifications: Standard classification systems are limiting, so we designed the PrivCo Industry Classification System (PICS) to more accurately reflect the modern business landscape. PICS combined with keywords allow you to change the lens by which you view a collection of companies, allowing for superior discovery capabilities and providing a better picture of companies in orbit around a specific company.

**About the Smart Money label: We use this, and other key attributes such as valuation, growth rates, ownership, funding attributes, acquisitiveness and stage of funding on our Related Companies tool. This discovery tool presents a dynamic list, allowing users to build multi-factor screens on the fly and identify new companies in orbit around their key targets. See the Pinnacle profile for an example.


Data intelligence to power your business decisions

PrivCo is the go-to-source for valuable insights into the financial health, market position and trajectory of U.S. private companies, including truly private companies—a universe that comprises the majority of U.S. companies but that is not covered by deal-focused resources.

PrivCo’s data intelligence provides the insight to help you:

  • Quickly hone in on under-the-radar companies that fit your investment thesis or ideal client profiles.
  • Find the fastest growing private companies in a specific industry, within a specific revenue range.
  • View related companies that share similar attributes.
  • Understand industry-specific competitors and comparables.

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